It's almost impossible and surely dangerous for someone to start woodturning alone. 
At first, a supervisor tuition is extremely needed at all times. Later on, an experienced turner has to be available at least for a phone call to advice and foresee any possible mistakes for any new and yet unknown try.
At the other hand, in most cases there are more then one ways to do something. A series of tools must be available to try and choose what suits best for the beginner.

So, existing equipment includes:

  • 3 sizes of wood lathes and two metal ones.
  • Almost every woodturning tool from Robert Sorby, Axminster, Wivamac, Crown, Hamlet, Kelton etc including my ones for advanced courses.
  • Masks, Face shields, Shop Vacuums, Dust extraction, Air Filter

Timber and materials provided as needed.

Anyway, you can take a look at my workshop clicking at the picture: 


  • A bit of Design
  • Finding wood
  • Cutting to size
  • Chucking to lathe
  • Tools
  • Wet grinding, sharpening
  • Turning !
  • Decorating and Finishing



Projects we make:

  • Tool handle to begin with
  • Miniature and Small turnings
  • Pens
  • Lidded Boxes
  • Bowls
  • Platters
  • Goblets
  • Hollow forms etc.

    ...and everything you can see 
    into these pages...
To have time to complete a turning circle we need more than 3+ hours. We'll also spend some time in-between for discussions and coffee. So every lesson duration with one student at a time is usually 4 hours. The cost for this starts from 130 . Especially for hollowing and advanced techniques the cost is 190 . For making Smoking Pipes please contact me.