Here in Greece we are a few that do "Artistic" -to use the right word- woodturning. 
I personally know two and we have met and become familiar to each other.
Nikos Siragas who lives only from his turnings and carvings, in the town of Rethimno-Kreta. He also writes articles, has made special woodturning tools and also does demonstrations of his techniques abroad! Not without a reason, as his turnings are really unique, with persistence in detail no matter if he works on a thousand Euro worth sculptured vase or just on a 20 € egg.

Vasily Apostolidis who lives, has his workshop and nowadays finishes his own gallery in the town of Koroni-South Peloponese. Not only a woodturner but also an excellent cabinet maker as we saw at his house.

We hope to find more and soon become a club with many members...


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