In my workshop you can see and try (and order) almost every woodturning tool from:
Sorby, Crown, Axminster, Brimarc, Hamlet, Kelton Industries and many more. 

Many ask me about their cost. Well here we are:
First you need a lathe. Please see below.
To purchase a set of about 6 basic tools that someone needs to start with, has a cost of about 200 .
Also you have to order a chuck costing about 170 to 300 .

Here we can see some lathe models, just to have an estimation about their cost.
Prices may change depending on Manufacturer prices, shipping cost differences and parity of exchange.
Please add the 23% VAT to all prices in this site.

Lathes Axminster AH-1218VS Axminster AWVSL1000
Power 500 Watt (3/4 HP) 750 Watt (1 HP)
Distance between centers 457mm 1100 mm
Diameter of timber 305 mm 370 mm
Spindle 1" x 8tpi 1" x 8tpi
Speed 500 - 4080 rpm - Variable Electronic

500 - 2000 rpm - Mechanical

Swivel - YES
Morse conus 2MT 2MT
Weight (Kgr) 40 Kgr 97 Kgr
Price (Plus VAT) 440 630
Big Lathes Jet JWL-1642 Axminster AT 1628VS
Power 1500 Watt (2 HP) 1500 Watt (2 HP)
Distance between centers 1060 mm 710 mm / 1170 with the extension
Diameter of timber 400 mm 406mm / 870 with the extension
Spindle M33 x 3,5 M33 x 3,5
Speeds - VARIABLE for both 50-1200, 50-3200 rpm Variable Electronic 50-1250, 150-3750rpm
Variable Electronic
Swivel YES YES
Morse conus 2MT 2MT
Weight (Kgr) 200 Kgr 96 Kgr with no stand and extension
Price (Plus VAT) 2.600 2.400 , 540 stand, 270 extension