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As with all items I make, they come from natural wood. So, all colors seen are natural. 
No paint or other synthetic materials are used. The only exception is with the finish, but this does not distort the natural color of the wood. 
As for the mechanical parts, they are made from bronze,  platted with either with silver, gold or chrome.
We find simple pens, fountain pens, rollerballs and pencils with a twist or a click mechanism.

Here we have only some samples of my pen sets. 

Please remember that although some of these pens have been sold, they can be reproduced to the same style, but the wood will differ slightly in color and grain. This is what makes each pen unique.

On the other hand you can  order a pen which combines any of the styles you see here, or comes from your personal design.
Giant and baby...        

For your Desk...


You can choose from many different wooden cases...

...and are priced at 7 to 15€.
Every piece comes with comments about the
kinds of wood used, as long with instructions
 on how to use and  refill the pen.