Aspida Old (some years ago)
any times I light my pipe to enjoy smoking, a pleasure that modern way of life made me forget. I have more then 150 pieces in my small collection and many times friends asked me why I don't make my own.
When I remembered the problems I had with hot tongue and liquids in my mouth, I tried to solve them.

Well, I proudly present you the solution: A "room" between filter and mouth piece, that:
  • Cools the smoke enough not to "burn" our tongue
  • Withhold any liquid to pass to the mouth and in addition
  • It detains many residues which sediments in this liquid, keeping them away from our lungs. Details at the bottom

Made of Olivewood or Briar


All internal parts are made of aluminum, that is an unalterable and neutral material to heat and to smoke itself.
I suggest you use a wooden filter (made of Balsa wood), as it doesn't disturb the taste and doesn't smell as coal filters do.