My name is Kostas Gourvelos. I come from Greece, born in Athens in 1961 and grown up in Xylokastron of Peloponese, some 120 Klm away from Athens, by the seaside. By the way you can take a look in my town at:

Now I live in Athens, at Halandri suburb, with my wife my son and my daughter.
I studied Mechanical engineering in the university of Patras but never tried it for living. From the age of 24 I run  "Artemis Computers and Software"  with my brother, where obviously we make programs, do internet services and sell machines ( but only in Greek language).

Some years ago, at 1998 summertime, a carpenter brought us home a multi purpose furniture (bookcase/bar/cabinet), one of my wife's design. I understood at once the work was not good. (The money we paid was...) That was it ! Next time I need something, I decided to make it by myself. I start to buy tools, machines, wood and make some good furniture for my house. Too expensive, too loud the voices of my wife worrying about the money I spend and the dust in our balcony (too cold in winter there), but good work and according to our designs.
Keeping buying tools, I saw an interesting machine called "Wood lathe". To own a mechanical lathe was one of my  dreams, but a Wood one was... I don't know what but...

It was 1999 summertime that I got my first "Proxxon" one, 1/4 ph motor, 50cm bed... an interesting toy. Another one came 3 months later, a "Record CL2", 1/2 ph motor, 120cm bed. I made several bigger things. At spring of 2001 I ordered a "Poolewood Euro 2000", a professional machine. (I don't think this thing will stop anywhere)

I am self practiced and video taught !
I also have many books where I found many great teachers:
Mr. David Ellsworth never had anything to hide from his excellence from anyone,
Mr. Richard Raffan showed me innovative naughty ways, 
Mr. Chris Stott and Mr. John Jordan had the patience to present living art step by step, 
Mr. Reg Slack leaded my tool to first touch that log,
Mr. Stuart Mortimer will never stop to surprise us, 
Mr. Michael O'Donnel showed me right ways.

"Woodturning" magazine is my everyday companion.


Living for some years now into their world, I realized something that does not exist in our lives anymore: Almost every woodturner looks pleased to teach you, to correct you, to show his way, to give you with no return. 
So I will: Any information about suppliers, materials, ways to make etc are at the everyone's disposal. Please feel free to contact me with no hesitation.
I believe we have to share knowledge with any one who asks, as we don't own it. Moreover about simple information we gathered around. Besides, my first occupation relies on information exchange.

When the spring of 2004 came, I had to stay at my workshop on and on, trying to be in time making the ordering of wood pieces, machines and tools from abroad or teaching students. Finally, I realized I was all the day "on my lathe", but also paid for this, for my everyday expenses. This they told me is called: changing of work and I was called a "Professional".
Hobby or Profession, Art or Job, this for sure "is my pink"...

At your disposal, as ...a Professional !

Photo by Kokkalias Nikos. Thank you my friend!